Block of the Month


BOM  Rules

Each month the Special Projects Chairperson chooses a quilt block design and puts together kits that include the design and directions on how to make the block. Usually at least one fabric will be included which will be common to all the blocks. The exception to this is a “scrappy” block.

How to Participate: PVQA members, wishing to participate, pick up a kit at the regular meeting, sign the participation list, make the block according to directions and return the completed block, with the return slip, at the next regular meeting. If anyone is unable to complete the a block, it may be returned the next month. Anyone who takes a kit and does not return the completed block or the kit within 2 months will be penalized one credit..

Who Gets the Blocks? A drawing is held at each meeting from the names of members who completed blocks that month to determine the winner or winners of the blocks. The number of drawings and members eligible is at the discretion of the Special Projects Chairperson, determined by the number of blocks turned in, and other methods that the Special Projects Chairperson deems appropriate. The chairperson keeps a record of who takes a block each month and who returns completed blocks (or incomplete kits).

Eligibility: To be eligible for the drawings a member must have completed 6 blocks, and after winning must “replace” the number of blocks she or he won. In other words, if a member makes 6 blocks to be eligible and then makes blocks for 6 more months without entering the drawings, the credits would equal 12. If this member then wins 20 blocks, she/he would be required to make 8 more blocks before becoming eligible to win again. A member who has 6 BOM credits, but did not make the current month’s block, cannot participate in the drawing. Members with 50 or more credits, can participate in the drawing without submitting that month’s block.

It’s Not Your Favorite Block? Once eligible, members may choose whether or not to participate in the monthly drawing for blocks. Members always receive credit for the blocks completed whether participating in the drawing or not.

Comments: Participating in this project is a learning experience and a practical way to try new techniques. Quilts made from the blocks are especially treasured at “show and tell” and the quilt show and occasionally may be featured in a program at a regular meeting.

Traditionally there are pieced and appliquéd blocks during the year and “scrappy” blocks with no limit on how many one can turn in. This gives an opportunity to those who wish to “replace” their winnings in a quick fashion. Additional BOM credits can be earned by completing “thank you” blocks or special projects.

The BOM chair shall keep a record of member credits. Members are encouraged to keep a personal record of their BOM activity.